Percussion Play Baltics represents Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments, which are made with love, using hands work,  from long lasting and resistant materials, which are suitable for changeable weather conditions. These instruments arise the joy of playing music for all ages from 0 to 99 and more. New and innovative activity allows all age groups to spend the time outside with joy and new experiences, while playing music. Music helps to feel connection with others and create the community.

Outdoor musical instruments are made in pentatonic that is why everyone can play without musical education and without exception. Does not matter, how you will play – the sound always will sound in a wonderful way and that is what impresses the most! You can create spontaneous concerts and enjoy inspiring game.

Maybe you are looking for new solutions, ideas for your hard, sensational garden, local square, park or other public spaces? Contact us and we will help you to choose and decide how to integrate music in your outdoor environment.