Bell Lyre

Unpitched Percussion

Our Bell Lyre is an outdoor instrument made of 8 graduated stainless-steel bells presented within a beautiful contemporary stand reminiscent of a lyre.

Easy to play for all ages and abilities, the bells ‘sing’ when struck with the attached pair of beaters. The sound produced by the Bell Lyre is two-fold; the strike notes and the resonance. The bells range in diameter from 100mm to 290mm and each bell emits its own sound with sweet, gentle tones from the bells at the top and deep, sonorous ‘gong’ like sounds of the bottom bells.

With an easy single post installation, the Bell Lyre is a low maintenance calming addition to any outdoor setting. The mirror-polished stainless-steel bells will reflect the environment and images of passers-by.

The peal of the bells will resonate around your outdoor space, perfect for music trails, parks, rest homes.