Soprano Pentatonic (C5-C6) | Soprano Diatonic (C5-C6)

Alto Pentatonic (C4-C5) | Alto Diatonic (C4-C5)

Pentatonic Symphony (C3-C6) | Diatonic Symphony (C3-C6)

Freechimes are an exciting and imaginative concept when selecting outdoor musical instruments.

These twenty-two sleek aluminium chimes are hand tuned to the highest quality and produce a rich vibrant, harmonic resonance.

Available individually as solo chimes, in pre-set octaves or a full symphony ranging from a towering 1.5m C3 to the smallest C6 at just 0.5m. The possibilities are endless. Suitable for all ages the chimes can be fixed to backboards and mounted onto posts for ground installation. Alternatively the backboards can be mounted to the wall at the correct height for the intended players. The universal mounting brackets also allow the chimes to be installed individually onto just about any surface and in any arrangement. Why not attach an easy pentatonic set to an existing fence or a dull wall? Adding just one or two chimes would liven up existing play equipment or add a special element to an outdoor classroom. Freechimes dotted around the playground or through woodlands would make a wonderful and enjoyable music trail.

Freechimes have outstanding resistance to vandalism and all weather conditions they do not rust and require little maintenance.

Freechimes are practical, durable and stylish with a wonderful melody that will liven up any outdoor area.